Construction ConsultingĖ Binder Building

We aid in any and all phases of planning and construction.

 Constructability review

 Estimating / bidding

 Project Management




preconstruction services include extensive plan review, bidding, RFI, change orders, scope of works and contracts. 


Construction management services include Project management, site supervision and many skilled trades services.


Post construction services include close out, customer satisfaction and warranty service.


Serving Southern California

Phone: 818-914-5704

E-mail: GARY@BinderBuilding.COM


Iíve been in construction all my life. In addition to owning a custom home building company, Iíve worked for many companies through the years.  Iíve found lack of strong project management  /site supervision to cost much more not to have it than to have it. A good manager saves so much money that you get his time for free and then some.

 Design - constructability reviews allow for value engineering and problem resolution .

 Bidding  - avoid costly missed items, get multiple bids and compare for completeness. 

 Scope of work and contracts - make sure the scope is clear and complete. The contract should cover contingencies.

 Buying - Make sure the subs have a clear understanding of the project. Avoid over pricing to cover unknown.

 Scheduling -reduce avoidable delays.

 Construction -letís build it right the first time, on time and on budget.

 Customer - letís manage their expectations, work toward their goal and ensure their happiness.

 The Projectósomething to be proud of.

By the hour as needed, by the phase or by the project.

From minor remodeling projects to 100 unit apartment buildings, let my experience be your asset.


Gary Binder